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Valley Forge Trip

A description of the Valley Forge trip:

Troop 457 went on a camping and hiking trip to Valley Forge in Pennsylvania. Valley Forge was the place the Continental Army camped for the winter during the American Revolution. George Washington and his men stayed there for the winter.

It was very cold but dry when we went. After a 2 hour car ride from Maryland we got to a log cabin we were going to be spending the weekend. The cabin was very minimalistic. It was obvious that a lot of troops had stayed there before. We slept in wooden bunks mounted to the walls that we had to climb into and out of. Some people who were looking for a challenge decided they were going to sleep outside in tents instead of sleeping inside the cabin. The adults slept in another room on some tables, which was surprisingly maybe better than where we slept.

After we spent the first night there everyone went to hike around valley forge. First we went to the Visitors Center and watched a short film about the history of the area. After that we spent a lot of time hiking on the trail until we reached the place where the revolutionary soldiers had camped, or at least a recreation of it. Later that day we reached George Washington’s Headquarters. Inside some of the stuff was old and some of them were replicas. Inside they showed how messy his office was.

After that, we went back to the cabin and prepared dinner. We also found a book of Scoutmaster minutes and read them out-loud to each other. We then spent another night sleeping on the rather hard bunks, woke up, and left. All and all, it was a great trip.

Article made by: Will Yates


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