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Ship Trip

Article written by Quinn Yates:

Boy Scout troop 457 went to the SS John Brown, a marine merchant ship that served during world war II. The ship had several exhibits inside that showed the history of the ship. The ship is still in use and the staff take it out into the water every now and then. We got to see all of the exhibits and we enjoyed reading and looking at them. We got a tour of the engine room and saw how the ship’s engine worked, how the plumbing worked, and how they kept it clean. We learned about the dangers of sailing on the ship and how they were safe on it, we learned about the commands given. We learned about the process of loading and unloading cargo; and we learned about the weapon of the ship and how they defended the ship. We prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner for ourselves using the ship's kitchen. We spent a long time cleaning because people were very messy and bad at cleaning. Normally when we camp we sleep in tents, but because it was on a ship we slept on bunks hanging in a room. They were much more comfortable than we were used to and it was one of the only times I've fallen asleep quickly on a scout trip, even if I got the dirty bottom bunk. Every scout and adult who went on the trip enjoyed the trip and came out of it more knowledgeable and with a better appreciation and understanding of marine merchant ships. It was definitely one of the best ship trips troop 457 has had.

Made by: Quinn Yates


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