One Court of Honor, Over 40 Advancements!

Troop 457 held a Court of Honor recently, where scouts are given the awards they earned over the past 6 months. As always, many merit badges were handed out, but there were a ton of rank advancements too! 24 scouts earned the Scout rank, 3 moved up to Tenderfoot, 7 made it to 2nd class, 2 scouts were awarded 1st class, 1 accomplished Star, 1 achieved Life, 2 scouts ascended to the highest rank of Eagle.

Troop 457's eagles also received major awards, 2 Bronze Palms, and 1 Gold Palm. Palms are an award given for earning more merit badges than needed to obtain the rank of Eagle. The Bronze Palm represents five merit badges, the Gold Palm 10, and the Silver Palm 15. To learn more about Eagle Palms, go to click here.

Eagle Scouts take the Eagle oath.

New Scouts go to their first court of honor, and receive the first of many awards.


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