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Journey to Excellence Award 2020

This year, even with all of the setbacks and challenges that came with covid 19, Troop 457 won the Gold Journey to excellence award. We were scored on 11 different qualities. Planning and budget, How many scouts joined, Scout retention, Webelos to scouts transition, rank advancement, short term camping, long term camping, service projects, patrol method, leadership and family engagement, and trained leadership. For each of these categories we could earn from 25-200 points. Getting the bronze award would take 525 points, the silver would take 750, and the gold, which we got, took 1000 points.

1 comment

1 Comment

Michael Duran
Michael Duran
Apr 03, 2021

This comes as no surprise to a member of this organization just how much effort goes into the advancement of our scouts, our Youth Protection programs and continuous training of our adult leaders. So proud to be a member of this organization !

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