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A rather fishy trip!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Troop 457 recently traveled to Lake Erie to go fishing! While we were there we caught many fish, went on a hike, and made a very large and very delicious pot of ramen noodles!

Scouts on a ship
Boys on a boat

When we first got on the boat to fish, it was rather chilly and some scouts wished they had brought jackets. Luckily, as the day warmed up our fishing rods did too. Almost everyone caught at least one fish, and some scouts even got over ten!

The clouds were beautiful!
Watching the sun rise over Lake Erie

Many scouts used this trip as an opportunity to earn the Fishing Merit Badge, which they can add to their quickly-growing collection.

...And it was THIS BIG!!!!
A good catch!

I guess you could say that since we like fishing so much...

We're hooked!


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