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Ship Trip 2020

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

This year's ship trip was mainly on the USS New Jersey. We first started off to see the Liberty Bell. We walked around for a while going to different stops and seeing different sights. After all the historical sights we went to see a submarine and a really big boat. We got to see the inside of the sub. The inside of each craft got cooler and cooler as everyone got to see what it would have been like while it was in the ocean. When we were done with those two, it was time for the final show. The final ship was the USS New Jersey measuring at 108 feet wide and 887 feet and 7 inches long which makes her the longest of her sister ships. There were turrets and guns of all sizes that could shoot up to 23 miles with an accuracy of 10 feet. We all slept comfortably at the bottom of the ship in the berthing area. There were bunks of three everywhere and there were so many different rooms. This ship is amazing and should be used again next year. If you did not go this year, you really should go next year.



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